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Orbits & Ephemerides

In the context of this website, “orbits” refers to orbital elements while “ephemerides” refers to data that represent the trajectory of an object over time. As part of our charter, we provide orbits and ephemerides for all known natural objects in our solar system.

The Horizons service normally provides the latest orbit and most accurate ephemerides for any given object.

For some purposes, orbital elements may be sufficient. Such data are available via the plantary satellite mean elements tables and the small-body element tables. Small-body osculating orbital elements are also available via the SBDB lookup tool and the SBDB query tool.

If binary ephemeris files are needed (for use by software designed to read them), precomputed SPK files for the planets and natural satellites are available for download, and can be created on demand for individual asteroids and comets via Horizons.

Learn more about orbits and ephemerides.

Description of Menu Items

Horizons SystemProvides access to key solar system data and flexible production of highly accurate ephemerides for solar system objects.
PlanetsOrbits and ephemerides for the planets.
Planetary SatellitesOrbits and ephemerides for planetary satellites.
Small BodiesOrbits and ephemerides for small bodies.
Orbit ViewerDisplay the orbits of all the planets, planetary satellites, and optionally one or more small bodies.
Download EphemeridesLinks to ephemerides available for download.