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Asteroid & Comet SPK File Generation Request

Fill in all necessary data and submit to produce a small-body SPK file on your system.
For general information on this program, click here.

For information about each input, click on its title -- a window will open.

SPK start date (TDB)
SPK stop date (TDB)
E-mail contact address
SPK file format ASCII Binary

After clicking "Make SPK", please wait until the integration is complete.
It could take a minute or so to generate and stream data, depending on system load.

Optional (below): define your own object by supplying heliocentric J2000 ecliptic osculating elements.

Epoch (Julian Day Number, TDB)
Perihelion distance (au)
Perihelion Julian date (JDTDB)
Longitude of Ascending Node (deg)
Argument of Perihelion (deg)
Inclination (deg)
Optional cometary values:
A1 radial non-grav (au/d^2)
A2 transverse non-grav (au/d^2)
A3 normal non-grav (au/d^2)
DT delay time (days)

Contact: Webmaster ( JPL Solar System Dynamics Group