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'Oumuamua (A/2017 U1)
Classification: Hyperbolic Asteroid          SPK-ID: 3788040
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For accurate long-term ephemerides, please instead use our Horizons system.This orbit viewer was implemented using two-body methods, and hence should not be used for determining accurate long-term trajectories (over several years or decades) or planetary encounter circumstances.

Orbital Elements at Epoch 2458080.5 (2017-Nov-23.0) TDB
Reference: JPL 16 (heliocentric ecliptic J2000)
 Element Value Uncertainty (1-sigma)   Units 
e 1.201133796102373 2.1064e-05  
a -1.27234500742808 0.00010015 au
q .2559115812959116 6.6635e-06 au
i 122.7417062847286 0.00028826 deg
node 24.59690955523242 0.00025422 deg
peri 241.8105360304898 0.0012495 deg
M 51.1576197938249 0.0061155 deg
tp 2458006.007321375231
0.00026424 TDB
period n/a
n .6867469493413392 8.1084e-05 deg/d
Q n/a n/a au

Additional Model Parameters
 Parameter Value Uncertainty (1-sigma) 
A1 [EST] 2.790193364334668E-7 3.574E-8
A2 [EST] 1.441264159911234E-8 2.445E-8
A3 [EST] 1.57392261588653E-8 2.249E-8
ALN [SET] .0408373333128795 n/a
NK [SET] 2.6 n/a
NM [SET] 2. n/a
NN [SET] 3. n/a
R0 [SET] 5. n/a
  Orbit Determination Parameters
   # obs. used (total)      207  
   data-arc span      80 days  
   first obs. used      2017-10-14  
   last obs. used      2018-01-02  
   planetary ephem.      DE431  
   SB-pert. ephem.      SB431-N16  
   norm. resid. RMS      .43612  
   source      ORB  
   producer      Davide Farnocchia  
   solution date      2018-Jun-26 12:17:57  

Additional Information
 Earth MOID = .0958212 au 
 Jupiter MOID = 1.45424 au 
 Sol. 7c, Micheli et al. 2018 
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Orbit Covariance (9×9)
  e q tp node peri i A1 A2 A3
e 4.437021723735803E-10 1.402645684430185E-10 -2.290597192603328E-9 -4.866487927086338E-9 2.630680330585727E-8 3.783694880329765E-9 -5.671709311726012E-13 -4.541086340423297E-13 -4.197092628622681E-13
q 1.402645684430185E-10 4.44023866269166E-11 -7.704816361638409E-10 -1.55813687037147E-9 8.310783593401902E-9 1.153616408668474E-9 -1.836950288528165E-13 -1.455954597080292E-13 -1.346104747053088E-13
tp -2.290597192603328E-9 -7.704816361638409E-10 6.982193721062611E-8 5.061551619658835E-8 -1.267295484829105E-7 3.435990038007021E-8 8.549763590196699E-12 5.106665019424439E-12 4.663032871083979E-12
node -4.866487927086338E-9 -1.55813687037147E-9 5.061551619658835E-8 6.462880452547438E-8 -2.844751574251313E-7 -1.765593440441589E-8 8.69267463967735E-12 6.199346965429517E-12 5.706259007286273E-12
peri 2.630680330585727E-8 8.310783593401902E-9 -1.267295484829105E-7 -2.844751574251313E-7 1.561285075915765E-6 2.328863207568894E-7 -3.273966435299668E-11 -2.647924841784622E-11 -2.448635263285478E-11
i 3.783694880329765E-9 1.153616408668474E-9 3.435990038007021E-8 -1.765593440441589E-8 2.328863207568894E-7 8.309282984005662E-8 3.855260109426898E-13 -1.301677972323779E-12 -1.239877723252703E-12
A1 -5.671709311726012E-13 -1.836950288528165E-13 8.549763590196699E-12 8.69267463967735E-12 -3.273966435299668E-11 3.855260109426898E-13 1.277051485119332E-15 8.49211690731826E-16 7.801130292246226E-16
A2 -4.541086340423297E-13 -1.455954597080292E-13 5.106665019424439E-12 6.199346965429517E-12 -2.647924841784622E-11 -1.301677972323779E-12 8.49211690731826E-16 5.977229950392798E-16 5.490255327748556E-16
A3 -4.197092628622681E-13 -1.346104747053088E-13 4.663032871083979E-12 5.706259007286273E-12 -2.448635263285478E-11 -1.239877723252703E-12 7.801130292246226E-16 5.490255327748556E-16 5.055766304421935E-16

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Physical Parameter Table
Parameter Symbol Value Units Sigma Reference Notes
absolute magnitude H 22.08   .44525 2 autocmod 2.6k
rotation period rot_per 7.937 h n/a LCDB (Rev. 2020-October); Warner et al., 2009 Result based on less than full coverage, so that the period may be wrong by 30 percent or so.
Published Reference List:
[Bannister, M.T.; Schwamb, M.E.; Fraser, W.C.; Marsset, M.; et al. (2017) Astrophys. J. Letters, submitted. ArXiv1711.06214v1.]
[Bolin, B.T.; Weaver, H.A.; Fernandez, Y.R.; Lisse, C.M.; et al. (2017). ArXiv:1711.04927v1.]
[Drahus, M.; Guzik, P.; Waniak, W.; Handzlik, B.; et al. (2017) ArXiv:171200437]
[Fraser, W.C.; Pravec, P.; Fitzsimmons, A.; Lacerda, P.; et al. (2017) ArXiv:1711.11530]
[Jewitt, D.; Luu, J.; Rajagopal, J.; Kotulla, R.; et al. (2017) Astrophys. J. Letters, submitted. ArXiv:1711.05687v1.]

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Ephemeris | Orbit Diagram | Orbital Elements | Physical Parameters | Close-Approach Data ]
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