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C/2013 A1 (Siding Spring)
Classification: Hyperbolic Comet          SPK-ID: 1003228
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For accurate long-term ephemerides, please instead use our Horizons system.This orbit viewer was implemented using two-body methods, and hence should not be used for determining accurate long-term trajectories (over several years or decades) or planetary encounter circumstances.

Orbital Elements at Epoch 2457480.5 (2016-Apr-02.0) TDB
Reference: JPL 105 (heliocentric ecliptic J2000)
 Element Value Uncertainty (1-sigma)   Units 
e 1.000085526301256 2.8601e-06  
a -16366.48574855812 547.3 au
q 1.399764990633582 1.2332e-06 au
i 129.0329176101494 2.0974e-05 deg
node 300.9994099243701 0.00011762 deg
peri 2.449169482138664 7.3405e-05 deg
M .0002470499453610851 1.2392e-05 deg
tp 2456955.675811088666
0.0001338 TDB
period n/a
n 4.707289613947705E-7 2.3612e-08 deg/d
Q n/a n/a au

Additional Model Parameters
 Parameter Value Uncertainty (1-sigma) 
AJ1 [EST] 8.332797598358188E-8 3.877E-9
AJ2 [EST] 1.857140671424592E-7 5.099E-8
ALF [EST] 68.42599143656125 6.618
DEL [EST] 17.2325492121477 8.506
DTH [EST] 7.940553933291362 1.464
ET1 [EST] 57.8449393653458 2.069
ET2 [EST] 149.0589506591809 4.181
  Orbit Determination Parameters
   # obs. used (total)      449  
   data-arc span      1291 days (3.53 yr)  
   first obs. used      2012-10-04  
   last obs. used      2016-04-17  
   planetary ephem.      DE431  
   SB-pert. ephem.      SB431-BIG16  
   norm. resid. RMS      .30255  
   source      ORB  
   producer      Davide Farnocchia  
   solution date      2016-Apr-22 14:11:17  

Additional Information
 Earth MOID = .383565 au 
 Jupiter MOID = 3.6748 au 
 T_jup = -0.919 
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Orbit Covariance (13×13)
  e q tp node peri i ALF DEL ET1 ET2 DTH AJ1 AJ2
e 8.180168792902086E-12 2.660089890956513E-12 3.230431358682225E-10 -1.384871671546619E-10 1.235901023601496E-10 -4.11841297958249E-11 -3.797423564945695E-8 -2.817939716521527E-7 5.597893469767805E-9 1.668425952857515E-8 -5.19042210094591E-8 2.646332606839811E-15 -7.023366860177505E-14
q 2.660089890956513E-12 1.520862590718368E-12 1.363398378616689E-10 -1.078661466864367E-10 3.806049201632698E-11 -1.611441335483597E-11 -6.437375727588298E-8 -1.548384287147432E-7 2.003843573188951E-8 2.697191299123724E-8 -1.409092600460161E-8 2.410727817589962E-15 -5.034180874408483E-14
tp 3.230431358682225E-10 1.363398378616689E-10 1.790166614990621E-8 -7.165139800416097E-9 6.896282432884803E-9 -1.475626793748729E-9 -2.630272342305805E-6 -1.562311202375518E-5 2.710501583176205E-7 1.921118740087036E-7 -2.538251484800519E-6 1.452574252240176E-13 -4.088144339400088E-12
node -1.384871671546619E-10 -1.078661466864367E-10 -7.165139800416097E-9 1.383543721428088E-8 2.118518621502365E-9 1.208124622320311E-9 1.100299178107586E-5 1.523001000394466E-5 -3.702686938007452E-6 -7.213730595173739E-6 -4.885368150124984E-7 -4.238900342177185E-13 5.2860039915295E-12
peri 1.235901023601496E-10 3.806049201632698E-11 6.896282432884803E-9 2.118518621502365E-9 5.388226125816044E-9 -3.364356206483615E-10 3.458988342940894E-6 -1.564037593228794E-6 -1.432186436119757E-6 -3.385205533884168E-6 -1.665382793265751E-6 -1.290081167284697E-13 -7.689266738312219E-15
i -4.11841297958249E-11 -1.611441335483597E-11 -1.475626793748729E-9 1.208124622320311E-9 -3.364356206483615E-10 4.399258928041666E-10 4.59362419561994E-7 1.556135692362591E-6 -2.082568185491897E-7 -4.323987774799638E-7 2.05264232855763E-7 -2.838943893741752E-14 4.113832460750206E-13
ALF -3.797423564945695E-8 -6.437375727588298E-8 -2.630272342305805E-6 1.100299178107586E-5 3.458988342940894E-6 4.59362419561994E-7 .01334214776934391 .01126050695658402 -.003906620293254307 -.007065502460011269 -.001084349264533092 -4.056004974704446E-10 5.122995006089538E-9
DEL -2.817939716521527E-7 -1.548384287147432E-7 -1.562311202375518E-5 1.523001000394466E-5 -1.564037593228794E-6 1.556135692362591E-6 .01126050695658402 .02203778968896055 -.0031496545033585 -.006227134126993081 .0008845750202727558 -4.494808196733145E-10 6.822272722393006E-9
ET1 5.597893469767805E-9 2.003843573188951E-8 2.710501583176205E-7 -3.702686938007452E-6 -1.432186436119757E-6 -2.082568185491897E-7 -.003906620293254307 -.0031496545033585 .001304464459793888 .002417504565948586 .0004574227940898096 1.282814907106522E-10 -1.439978462785736E-9
ET2 1.668425952857515E-8 2.697191299123724E-8 1.921118740087036E-7 -7.213730595173739E-6 -3.385205533884168E-6 -4.323987774799638E-7 -.007065502460011269 -.006227134126993081 .002417504565948586 .005324479878411986 .001052844414548883 2.631247022886163E-10 -2.394988232520613E-9
DTH -5.19042210094591E-8 -1.409092600460161E-8 -2.538251484800519E-6 -4.885368150124984E-7 -1.665382793265751E-6 2.05264232855763E-7 -.001084349264533092 .0008845750202727558 .0004574227940898096 .001052844414548883 .0006527673835599402 3.171383368608242E-11 8.296115835453411E-11
AJ1 2.646332606839811E-15 2.410727817589962E-15 1.452574252240176E-13 -4.238900342177185E-13 -1.290081167284697E-13 -2.838943893741752E-14 -4.056004974704446E-10 -4.494808196733145E-10 1.282814907106522E-10 2.631247022886163E-10 3.171383368608242E-11 1.503222500349379E-17 -1.661905521468839E-16
AJ2 -7.023366860177505E-14 -5.034180874408483E-14 -4.088144339400088E-12 5.2860039915295E-12 -7.689266738312219E-15 4.113832460750206E-13 5.122995006089538E-9 6.822272722393006E-9 -1.439978462785736E-9 -2.394988232520613E-9 8.296115835453411E-11 -1.661905521468839E-16 2.600264271978408E-15

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Physical Parameter Table
Parameter Symbol Value Units Sigma Reference Notes
comet total magnitude M1 8.5   2. 105 from 467 observations, assumed slope, autocmod 2.6f
comet total magnitude slope K1 9.   n/a 105 autocmod 2.6f
comet nuclear magnitude M2 12.0   1. 105 from 2074 observations, autocmod 2.6f
comet nuclear magnitude slope K2 5.   n/a 105 autocmod 2.6f
comet nuclear phase coefficient PC 0.03   n/a 105 autocmod 2.6f

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Ephemeris | Orbit Diagram | Orbital Elements | Physical Parameters | Close-Approach Data ]
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