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C/2010 X1 (Elenin)
Classification: Hyperbolic Comet          SPK-ID: 1003113
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For accurate long-term ephemerides, please instead use our Horizons system.This orbit viewer was implemented using two-body methods, and hence should not be used for determining accurate long-term trajectories (over several years or decades) or planetary encounter circumstances.

Orbital Elements at Epoch 2455651.5 (2011-Mar-31.0) TDB
Reference: JPL 38 (heliocentric ecliptic J2000)
 Element Value Uncertainty (1-sigma)   Units 
e 1.000068095226441 1.8496e-06  
a -7084.513117079299 192.42 au
q .4824215249311249 2.6549e-06 au
i 1.83957593943795 4.5064e-05 deg
node 323.235099758002 0.00089743 deg
peri 343.798053273921 0.00089506 deg
M -.0002706073326346699 1.1025e-05 deg
tp 2455815.219533945734
0.00036038 TDB
period n/a
n 1.652871383840884E-6 6.7341e-08 deg/d
Q n/a n/a au

Additional Model Parameters
 Parameter Value Uncertainty (1-sigma) 
A1 [EST] -4.490851666247193E-8 1.175E-8
A2 [EST] 6.163129316527091E-8 7.965E-9
  Orbit Determination Parameters
   # obs. used (total)      2235  
   data-arc span      271 days  
   first obs. used      2010-12-10  
   last obs. used      2011-09-07  
   planetary ephem.      DE431  
   SB-pert. ephem.      SB431-N16  
   norm. resid. RMS      .59542  
   source      ORB  
   producer      Shantanu Naidu  
   solution date      2018-Aug-29 15:52:04  

Additional Information
 Earth MOID = .0306308 au 
 Jupiter MOID = .148357 au 
 T_jup = 0.861 
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Orbit Covariance (8×8)
  e q tp node peri i A1 A2
e 3.42095208814631E-12 5.240525110968363E-13 -4.444289240698106E-10 -1.160386020084143E-11 -2.146943987517313E-10 -4.900012323244133E-13 3.642633873341636E-16 9.592326341346043E-16
q 5.240525110968363E-13 7.048403565219497E-12 -6.647489129991734E-10 -3.521478665633435E-10 -1.28827765830688E-10 -2.313914921327752E-11 1.954068423297686E-14 -1.363231309974755E-14
tp -4.444289240698106E-10 -6.647489129991734E-10 1.298740078032478E-7 3.657857401970722E-8 3.263300110786358E-8 2.418879406654328E-9 -1.813333267321488E-12 1.052039489591008E-12
node -1.160386020084143E-11 -3.521478665633435E-10 3.657857401970722E-8 8.053748556503955E-7 -7.814062287622278E-7 3.958955591748892E-8 -1.543214170699387E-12 1.041735743912241E-12
peri -2.146943987517313E-10 -1.28827765830688E-10 3.263300110786358E-8 -7.814062287622278E-7 8.011396708113853E-7 -3.803289691738778E-8 2.668880296818406E-13 -2.249993888798597E-13
i -4.900012323244133E-13 -2.313914921327752E-11 2.418879406654328E-9 3.958955591748892E-8 -3.803289691738778E-8 2.030772071079142E-9 -9.275070175772554E-14 6.273411583425984E-14
A1 3.642633873341636E-16 1.954068423297686E-14 -1.813333267321488E-12 -1.543214170699387E-12 2.668880296818406E-13 -9.275070175772554E-14 1.381026908985903E-16 -9.286393022993893E-17
A2 9.592326341346043E-16 -1.363231309974755E-14 1.052039489591008E-12 1.041735743912241E-12 -2.249993888798597E-13 6.273411583425984E-14 -9.286393022993893E-17 6.344690574619217E-17

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Physical Parameter Table
Parameter Symbol Value Units Sigma Reference Notes
comet total magnitude M1 10.4   0.9 38 from 354 observations, assumed slope, autocmod 2.6n
comet total magnitude slope K1 11.   n/a 38 autocmod 2.6n
comet nuclear magnitude M2 13.7   0.8 38 from 1786 observations, autocmod 2.6n
comet nuclear magnitude slope K2 5.   n/a 38 autocmod 2.6n
comet nuclear phase coefficient PC 0.03   n/a 38 autocmod 2.6n

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Close-Approach Data   ...sorted by Date/Time (TDB)
Date/Time (TDB) Time Uncertainty
Body Nominal Distance (au) Minimum Distance (au) Maximum Distance (au) V-relative (km/s) V-infinity (km/s) JD (TDB) Time Uncertainty (minutes) Semi-major axis (km) Semi-minor axis (km) range-LOV angle (deg) N-sigma BP Orbit Ref. Reference Modified
2011-Oct-16 19:10 00:08 Earth 0.233334382571762 0.23326738037053 0.233401384919914 23.9495465714043 23.9490697665743 2455851.298337481 7.841348647158 3354.11942048839 471.561124188526 5.05143099389387 17747.2924060261 T 38 CATAB v2.0e-lin.ifort 2018-Aug-29 15:52:01 2018-Aug-29 15:52
Ephemeris | Orbit Diagram | Orbital Elements | Physical Parameters | Close-Approach Data ]
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