Format for Spacecraft 3-D Normal Point Observations

These observations have been reduced to Earth=planet vectors at a given ephemeris coordiante time, so no light time or aberation corrections should be applied. Column Content 1 Planet name 2 Spacecraft 4-character identifier 3-6 Ephemeris coordinate year/month/day/time at which Earth and Planet vectors are evaluated where time is JPL Ephemeris Time (ET), nominally TDB 7 Observed right ascension, in arcseconds 8 Difference between observed right ascension and value on DE 405, in arcseconds 9 Uncertainty in right ascension, in arcseconds 10 Observed declination, in arcseconds 11 Difference between observed declination and value on DE 405, in arcseconds 12 Uncertainty in declination, in arcseconds 13 Observed two-way range (one-way range times 2), in microseconds 14 Difference between observed two-way range and value on DE 405, in microseconds 15 Uncertainty in two-way range, in microseconds